7 WordPress Plugins to Increase & Boost Your Website Traffic 2021

7 WordPress Plugins to Increase & Boost Your Website Traffic 2021

Use this WordPress plugin and see if your blog traffic increases

There are many ways to increase your blog traffic directly, but there are more indirect ways to grow your blog traffic. Using the WordPress plugins listed below, you can automate the process of using the best blog traffic building benefits available through search engine optimization, social bookmarking, and social networking. There is a WordPress plugin to help you use Twitter to increase your blog traffic!

01. SEO title tags

The SEO title tag plugin lets you override automatic title tags that WordPress sets for your blog posts and pages, so you can use keywords in your title tags that are more search engine-friendly than your actual post or page titles.

02.   All in one SEO pack

All in one SEO pack plugin understands everything by its name – it lets you add title tags, descriptions, keywords, and more to every page and post published on your blog. Users always report a significant increase in traffic to their blog from Google search after installing and using an SEO pack plugin.

03.  Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin built with a specific search engine optimization feature – to help Google find every post and every page on your blog and include them in search results. This plugin is especially helpful for blogs that want to be quickly indexed by search engines.

04.  Easy tags

The tagging function of WordPress is excellent, but the simple tag plugin takes it to a whole new level. Great tags can improve your blog’s search traffic, so simple tags are a great way to start adding plugins. More

05.  Mixer

At the end of each WP-significant blog post, you add icons to share posts read via Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and so on. Making it easier for people to submit your content to social bookmarking sites using a WP-notable plugin can increase your blog exposure and traffic speed.

06.  TweetThis

TweetThis is a great WordPress plugin that helps you increase the likelihood of sharing your posts via Twitter for visitors to your blog to increase potential blog traffic. When you install the plugin, you include an invitation link at the end of your blog post that offers readers a “tweet in” and shares a link they post via their Twitter feed. More

07.  Wp-email

WP-Email Plugin is a must-have When you install this plugin, a message and link are included at the end of each post to enable visitors to send posts to friends via email with a single mouse click. Introducing other people to your blog via email sent to readers is a great way to gather some new visitors! More

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