Astra Pro Addon Download in Free GPL – All About Astra Theme

Astra Pro Addon Download in Free GPL – All About Astra Theme


Today I am going to share the most popular plugin which is Astra Pro Addon. From this site, you can get this plugin GPL version totally free for a lifetime. So read the full article and get Astra Pro Addon Download in Free [GPL].

Basic Introduction to Astra Theme

Astra is a theme developed in 2017 by the renowned WordPress theme creator Brainstorm Force. It has done more than 40 installs in just 3 years and got almost 5 stars.

Astra offers two versions, free and paid. The paid version is divided into three options based on price. The differences will be described in detail later.

Astra Pro Addon Download in Free GPL Version

Astra Pro Addon Download in Free GPL - All About Astra Theme

Official Website:
WordPress Theme URL:

Cost: Free / Paid Plan

Producer: Brainstorming Force
WordPress Rating: 5/5 (total 4266 reviews)


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5 Features of Astra Theme

1. Free Version Available

WordPress offers a lot of free visual themes, but many of them are incomplete and require a paid version.

Astra’s free themes are basically good to use, and the layout and function settings are fairly complete, but the screen is a bit bright. If you want more styling or sophisticated features, you’re going to need to pay for it.

2. Smaller files and faster running speed

The main feature of Astra is that the file is only 50KB. Since its programming principle is to use JavaScript instead of jQuery, the Astra file is much smaller and the website runs faster, compared to other themes, over 10KB.

3. Real-time screen change

I believe people who frequently use web design platforms like WordPress know that every time a part of a function or effect expires, it needs to be archived and published, and then the function or Go to the front desk to check out the impact operation.

But Astra doesn’t need it. It uses real-time screen changes, so when you finish setting tasks or special effects, you can view the results directly on the preview screen.

4. Supports various plug-ins and is quite stable

Many WordPress themes have plug-in compatibility issues, but Astra does not. From Elementor, the most commonly used webpage production plug-in, WooCommerce, a dedicated plug-in for online stores, Astra works perfectly Can do.

5. The number of users is huge, so when you face problems you are not afraid without any solution

Astra theme has more than 40 installations, and many people are discussing it on the internet. So if you facing any related problem or don’t know how to install it, you can just crawl one on the forum or ask solution can be obtained.


Astra Pro Addon Download in Free GPL Version

What are the disadvantages of Astra Theme?

Although everyone recommends Astra Theme, one thing can’t be quite right. Here are some of the drawbacks of Astra:

1. Free version does not provide a sample import

If you are using the free version of the Astra theme, you will find that it has an all-white background and the website looks very simple once it is launched.

If you want to import other samples provided by Astra, sorry that the free version does not provide such a function, you have to pay an agency bundle level to import the samples.

2. Basic WordPress site knowledge required

Before installing the Astra theme, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of WordPress architecture. Because Astra is a fully customized theme unlike some themes, it offers many options for you to choose from. So, if you don’t have WordPress basic site knowledge, you are likely to run into a wall everywhere.


Astra Pro Addon Download in Free GPL Version

How is Astra different from other set themes? Why do so many people recommend it?

Having said that, you must be wondering why Astra is so loved and recommended by everyone? How is it different from other themes?

1. Structure can be adjusted freely

Most WordPress themes have a standardized structure, such as fixed fields, fixed button colors, etc. If you don’t like the basic settings, there is no way to modify them. But Astra is a set theme with a very high level of freedom. There are several functions or settings that allow you to customize whether you want it or not, and you don’t have to worry about being tied to the structure of the theme.

2. Applicable to a variety of subjects

When choosing a WordPress theme, you will definitely find that some themes are suitable for a certain theme website, such as blog, shopping website, company website, etc. Or when you choose a theme, you have to keep in mind; Use the picture in your heart to choose a perfect template, and then a suitable theme.

However, Astra does not apply this classification method. It is a comprehensive blueprint. Whether you want to be a blog or an e-commerce website, Astra can easily help you set it up the way you want, and render it as mentioned above. Freely adjust the structure.


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Difference between Astra free and paid version

As mentioned earlier, Astra has two free and paid versions. The free version cannot import template styles and the screen is simple and generic. The following functions are also limited to the paid version: One to One Teaching, Woo Commerce Integration Function, Scroll to Top. Button etc.

So if you have these features that the paid version requires, upgrade to the paid version of Astra. If it is just a normal blog or used as a simple image website, then the free version must be usable.

Is the paid version of Astra recommended? What are the functions?

I believe you will find that if you want to create an online store website, it is obliged to buy a paid version. But as shown in the picture above, for the paid version of Astra There are three plans. What are their functions? Please refer to the table below for details.

How to install Astra Theme?

The installation method of the Astra theme is different according to the free and paid version, there are different installation steps:

1. Astra Theme Free Version

Please go to “Appearance → Themes” in the WordPress Dashboard, click “Install Theme” in the upper right corner and search for “Astra” to find and install it. After installation, you can activate it to start setting up directly.

2. Paid version of Astra Theme

For the paid version of Astra, it cannot be installed directly from WordPress. It needs to be downloaded from their official website. After selecting the payment plan and making the payment please go back to the homepage and click on “My Account → Download”, and the steps are as follows:

Account Password Login.

Search the Astro Pro column, you will find that there are three things that can be downloaded here, namely: Astra Theme, Astra Child Theme, and Astra Pro Addon Plugin.

After the download is complete, go back to WordPress and upload the three files you just downloaded in sequence. Please note that after uploading a file, click Do Not Enable. You will need to wait for all three files to be uploaded before performing the activation.
Begin to determine the architecture and interior works.


I hope that through the introduction of the above Astra theme, you already have a good understanding of it. Although Astra is used and recommended by many people, you will still have to try it yourself to find out if it suits your needs. Suitable for. If you need to find a WordPress host to install, please refer to the Warring States PolicyRelated Services. Buy NSS WordPress Host Taiwan exclusive free Astra theme + 15 kinds of WordPress practical authorized plugins.


Astra Pro Addon Download in Free GPL Version


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