Resellerclub Hosting Review

If you are looking for the best hosting, then you have come to the right place, because today we will discuss the pros and cons of reseller club very closely in this post. We will make you aware of the goodness of Resellerclub and will also tell you about some of its shortcomings. Resellerclub hosting is one of the best hosting company in India, ResellerClub today is competing with the popular hosting company worldwide.

One of the most famous hostings in web hosting is ResellerClub hosting, which today due to its price and performance has made its place in the list of best companies all over the world.

ResellerClub hosting Due to its excellent service and cheap plan, it has become a very famous web hosting provider in India. Resellerclub hosting account holder uses its allotment, hard drive space and bandwidth to take care of the website on behalf of third parties.

Resellerclub leases its dedicated server, Resellerclub is providing lots of hosting plan to people. Such as professional emails, website builders, cloud hosting, server security, etc. So if you are looking for great web hosting at a low price, then I believe that you should definitely read this post from beginning to end.

About Resellerclub hosting company (Resellerclub hosting review)

Whenever there is talk of a company, people first of all want to know about that company. So, let’s know how the reseller club company is and when it was formed.

Is India’s best and powerful hosting and domain provider company established in 1988 in the Mumbai state of India? After which it was included in the EIG (Endurance International Group) in 2014 after the company benefited. Since then, ResellerClub has been consistently providing very good services.

Currently, this company is very good and very popular in India. With which it is providing powerful or secure hosting services. Today more than 200,000 people have joined ResellerClub and this company is providing its services in more than 150 countries today. Resellerclub has some reliable and secure data center like this –


• UK

• India

• Hongkong

• Turkey

Today, Resellerclub has a dedicated team of the best developers, sales executive, account manager in India, who will help you solve your problems.

Resellerclub Hosting Plans (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Resellerclub hosting plans are mainly of 3 types, some of which are like this. You can choose to buy Hosting by looking at them.

Starter Plan (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Resellerclub is the first plan starter plan for hosting. In which you have to pay around 205 rupees every month for 3 years. Apart from this, the facility to use a website is given. Here you are given the facility of 2GB Ram and 5 Gb storage. Apart from this, the support system of only 25000 visits is available in this plan. Here you are given the facility of WP database optimization, unlimited email accounts, Jetpack plugin pre-install.

Performance (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Resellerclub is another plan of hosting, a performance plan where you have to pay ₹ 225 monthly for 3 years. Here you are allowed to run only two websites. Where around 200, 000 visitors support facility is provided as well as 4GB ram and 20 Gb storage. Apart from this, you are given the facility to optimize the WP database, unlimited email accounts, Jetpack plugin pre-install etc. Apart from this, you also get the facility of automatic WordPress update.

Business Plan (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Resellerclub is the third plan of hosting, Business Plan where you have to pay ₹ 305 a month for 3 years. Here you get permission to use three websites as well as a support system of 300,000 visitors. Apart from this, here you are given the facility of 6GB ram and 40 Gb storage as well as to optimize WP database, Jetpack plugin pre-install, unlimited email accounts.

Professional Plan (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Resellerclub is the fourth and final plan of hosting a professional plan where you are given permission to run five websites or more. Apart from this, the support system of 500,000 visitors is given. Apart from this, you get 6GB ram and 40 Gb storage facility as well as unlimited email accounts, Jetpack plugin pre-install, WP database optimization facility, and here you are also given automatic WordPress updates.


Pros of Resellerclub Hosting (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Here we will discuss some good features of Resellerclub hosting, with the help of which you will be able to choose to host very easily. So let’s know what the pros of ResellerClub hosting are.

24 × 7 × 365 support (Resellerclub hosting review)

Because of this feature, Resellerclub hosting is the best option for you. This facility is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and it solves all your problems. You can solve your problems by talking to the customer care executive here anytime and if you have any in your mind If you have any question, you can call and get answers to your questions.

Resellerclub’s Customers can also contact care support through Emai or phone chat.

The biggest reason for these support systems to be good is that their response timing is very low. That is, they solve your problems in a very short time. This kind of facility will prove to be very beneficial for you going forward.

Best Security (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Resellerclub regularly checks its security, which maintains the safety of their clients. It has the facility of malwer antivirus scan. So that you do not have to face any kind of problem and your data should be absolutely safe. It pays equal attention to physical security.

Resellerclub encrypts its data services with high-level encryption so that there is no problem in their security. Along with this, the company has hired professional software and hardware engineers, who keep a close eye on the security of the website. This is why Resellerclub proves to be quite reliable in terms of security.

Affordable Pricing (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

The price of Resellerclub Hosting plans is quite affordable as well as there is no response to its 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you choose any plan of Resellerclub and within 30 days if you want to leave it for any reason, you will be refunded the money.

That is if you do not like this after purchasing Resellerclub hosting or you are not satisfied with this hosting, then you can leave it and also claim for withdrawal of your money. The best thing here is that the company returns your money back to you.

Cons of Resellerclub Hosting (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

By the way, there are not many Cons of Resellerclub hosting. But, still, there are some shortcomings in this, we also make you aware of it so that you do not face any problem in purchasing the hosting, so let us know what is Conseller hosting ResellerClub.

High Domain Price (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

One of the biggest disadvantages of Resellerclub hosting is that the price of the domain in this hosting plan is very high. Due to which many people have to face a lot of problems because the domain of Resellerclub is slightly higher. That is why it is one of the major flaws of Resellerclub hosting.

SSL Certification (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

Another evil of Resellerclub hosting is that if you want an extra Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, you will have to pay extra money for it. Though all other hosting companies provide SSL certificates free here you have to pay money to take an SSL certificate extra.

Buying Guide (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

If you are thinking about buying Resellerclub hosting, but you do not understand how to buy it, then follow the entire rules given below step by step, hope that if you follow all our stated rules step by step. If you follow the steps then you can buy ResellerClub hosting very easily.

Step 1 (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

To buy Resellerclub hosting, you must first go to Resellerclub hosting ki official website, for which you can also visit Resellerclub hosting ki official website by clicking here After going here you will see something like this. Where you have to click on the above hosting, you will see something like this when you click there. As you can see in the picture, you have to click on WordPress Hosting.

Step 2 (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

As soon as you click on the WordPress hosting, you will see something like this on the screen. Here you will see 4 types of hosting plans where you have to choose your plan, you can choose any plan according to your website. After choosing your favorite plan, you have to click on Buy Now

Step. 3 (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

After clicking on Buy Now, you have to enter your domain name there. For which you have to first select on I already have a domain name and enter your domain name. After entering the domain name you have to click on assign domain.

Step 4 (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

After clicking there, a new page will open, where you have to choose the hosting package. After selecting the package you have to click on Continue.

Step 5 (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

After clicking Continue, you will see something like this. As we have shown in the picture, there you have to fill in your personal details like name, email ID, password, phone number, country name etc. After filling in all this information, you have to click in the small box below and then click on create an account.

 Step 6 (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

After creating an account, you have to do the last job there. For this, you will see different payment options. There you will have to pay by clicking on it, putting your card details, and click on Make a Payment. Resellerclub hosting will be yours as soon as you click on this payment and now you can use it.

Is Resellerclub Hosting Recommended (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

yes absolutely !! ResellerClub hosting You should take the course because as we have told you about its review, according to it, the pros are quite good at it. So if you want to buy a post, then Resellerclub hosting can prove to be very beneficial for you, because it is quite affordable and at the same time its price is quite good. Here you have been given the facility of 24/7 customer care support as well as its performance is excellent.

It is a very reliable hosting company and most importantly it is very popular in India. The Uptime facility of Resellerclub club hosting is quite good as well as all its plans are cheap and good.

So if you buy it, it will not be a loss deal for you and the best thing is, if you are having trouble running it or you are not getting satisfaction from this hosting, then you can buy it for 30 You can return it within days and you will get your money back instead.

Conclusion (Resellerclub Hosting Review)

So, friends, I hope that you guys will get a lot of benefits from the Resellerclub hosting review. With the help of this review, you will be able to choose your hosting very easily and quickly and if you have any problem related to Resellerclub hosting, you can comment and ask us.

We will try our best to answer all the questions asked by you as soon as possible and in addition to that, you must share this post on social media. So that more and more people get to know about Resellerclub hosting and all the people who are thinking about getting hosting can get help from this post.


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