Holistic Seo, More than Keywords and Link Building

Holistic Seo

Holistic Seo, More than Keywords and Link Building

Holistic Seo If you do any reading on Search Engine Optimization, you’re sure to encounter terms such as link building, keyword optimization. If you venture even further down the rabbit hole you’ll see people going even further in their second-guessing of the search engines, employing terms such as “search engine algorithms” and other complex mathematical theories.

Yet, many people in their quest to build the most search engine friendly website possible, neglect many of the less-talked-about factors which contribute to your website’s online success. The way your website looks and feels, the quality of the writing on your website, the type of customer service you offer: these all have just as much, if not more of an effect on your website’s Page Rank as good keywords do.

“SEO, much more than Link Building. Business Knowledge,

design & ergonomy skills …. memetics”

Holistic Seo : –One key area that many of us neglect is the field of web design and website ergonomics. The former mainly concerns the way your website looks and feels, its colour scheme and layout. The latter is all about what happens when your website meets the human body. How easy is it for a customer to find exactly what they want on your website? How much strain does this put on their eyes, their hands and their attention spans? It’s amazing how many people plough hundreds of dollars into SEO’ing their website without even considering how easy it is for a customer to navigate to that vital “buy” button.

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Amongst the many things that you can optimise in order to improve your website’s ergonomics are: page and graphics loading times, site layout and mapping, and colour scheme. If the colour scheme is too bright, users will find it hard to look at your website and will frequently click away. Similarly, if every single page on your website takes longer than 10 seconds to load on an average connection in the most popular browsers, you’ve probably just lost a customer. Once the page is loaded, the cardinal rule of website ergonomics is that a customer should be able to navigate to any page on the website within three clicks – anything more than that and attention spans are likely to wander.

The Purple Cow …

Holistic Seo : –Another thing to think about when promoting your website is memetic: the science of the way that ideas spread. Sometimes you can optimise as much as you want, but one catchy and unique idea will often multiply a website’s popularity much quicker and more time-efficiently. Seth Godin was perhaps the first to apply these ideas to internet marketing in his book “Purple Cow”: like a purple cow, a good viral video or article may just attract attention to your site and generate “buzz” with little more input from you.

Holistic Seo : –Finally, one highly traditional but equally effective way to improve your website’s sales is to provide good customer service. Most businesses will do the majority of their custom with repeat customers, who are always far easier to sell to. With SEO experts beginning to wake up the the fact that user generated reviews of websites and businesses have a measurable effect upon search engine ranking, particularly in terms of local searches, it may be time to take a step back and look at the way your business performs as a whole. Is it doing a job, and satisfying its customers every time?

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It could be the difference between a successful SEO campaign and a failure.


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