Link Building Analysis- The Age of Relevant Link Building, A Link is not a Link

Link Building Analysis

Link Building Analysis- The Age of Relevant Link Building, A Link is not a Link

Link Building Analysis : Relevant linking is what makes the difference between an efficient, PageRank enhancing link building campaign and a poor one. In fact, if you have a website and you are choosing your link partners at random/for convenience rather than relevancy then your website may not be anywhere reaching its potential search engine rankings.

So what exactly is a relevant link? A link to your page is generally considered relevant if it is found on a site that covers topics or uses keywords that are similar to your own. The most relevant links are ones which use your targeted keyword in their anchor text, the actual link text that users see and click on. This ensures that you aren’t simply submitting your website to linkfarms or FFA’s but that important websites related to your field think that your site is valuable.

How to choose your Linking Partners

Link Building Analysis : All the evidence has shown, time and time again, that not only are relevant links better for organically improving your search engine traffic but they are usually more useful to have in and of themselves. For instance, if your website sells cat food and a website all about cats links to you, it’s going to bring far more, higher quality traffic than a link on a poker playing website. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as the rare times when massive generalised websites such as Yahoo or FoxNews link to you, but for all intents and purposes a link from a relevant website is going to be more useful to you than a link from an irrelevant one.

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The Importance of Relevant Linking

Link Building Analysis : The major caveat is that you need to be sure that you aren’t linking to, or being linked to by, your competitors. It’s usually best, if you are selling a product or service, not to tie your website into too many other online retailers but to secure links from information sites. This is the essence of non-competitive relevant linking and ensures that people are coming to your website in the hope of buying your product, and not just because they were idly clicking around your competitor’s site after already having bought something.

Link Building Analysis : Furthermore, information sites tend to have a naturally higher natural PageRank due to having pages that are automatically more keyword and content rich. Choosing your keyword partners with all of this in mind helps to ensure that you are spending your marketing budget well, building your business’s linkbase on a firm foundation of quality websites that are likely to remain online for a long time.

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