Nokia will do great, deliver high-speed 4G network to the moon

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NASA has been awarded a contract by NASA to set up a 4G network on the moon. Yes, if you ever reach the moon and tweet a photo, you have to thank Nokia for it. Nokia is working on a project of 4G cellular communications network on the moon. Earlier, the company has shown interest in bringing high-speed cellular connectivity to the moon, but now NASA has paid Nokia 14 14.1 million for this work.

NASA has selected 14 small US companies as partners to develop the technology. These companies will help establish Artemis operations on the moon by the end of this decade. NASA is spending 37 370 million for this and Nokia has received 14 14.1 million to develop 4G infrastructure on the moon. Explain that Nokia of America Corporation has been included in the list of American companies selected by NASA for this mission.

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According to a report by United Press International, the system developed by Nokia can support longer distances, faster speeds and better communication on the moon’s surface.

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This is not Nokia’s first attempt to bring 4G network to the moon. Let me remind you that Nokia announced a similar partnership with Vodafone Germany in 2018. The company had claimed that 4G coverage will be available on the moon by 2019. But so far this promise of the company has not turned into reality.


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