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Broken links finder - A broken is one of the worst enemies of a website manager or administrator. If you are managing a website, you might have faced situations when you didn’t even know there was a broken link on your website but it was reducing traffic nonetheless. Situations like these are why you need a tool that can show you if there’s a broken link on your website.


Broken links finder - Lucky for you, we have just the solution for you. Our broken links finder tool can instantly tell you how many links of your website are good and how many are broken. It also tells you which link is broken and which one is alright.


Broken links finder - Just like our other tools, broken links finder is free to use and very easy to use. To use the broken links finder tool, simply enter your website address into the input field and press the button. After just a few seconds, your website will be analyzed and you will see a list of all the internal and external links of your website.


Broken links finder - The status for each link will be provided separately. You will also receive the status code to know what exactly the issue is.