If you do not know what the IP address is? And how can you find your IP, then you will read this article till the end because I am going to give you full details of IP. Hello friends and welcome to another Fresh Article of Tools4webcontent.

Perhaps you do not know or not, but in any device, you use services like the Internet and Communication, they are all connected to the IP address. It can also be said that the IP address also has a big role in using the Internet.

Basically, computers share files and data among themselves and communicate with this. As it is, another one comes like this, which we call MAC Address, its work is also similar to this but there are two differences, I will also try to give you a small introduction in this article.

But it is also harmful to wrongdoers. You will know all that further why I am saying this. Those who do Hacking, always change their IP address. But before I tell you all this, it is important to know what the IP is. I know that even today many computer or Internet users do not know about IP Address Technology, whereas it is important to know.

So to know what IP address is, you have to read this article till the end and I will tell you that I am going to cover the Topic of IP in this article. So let’s now tell you about IP Address in detail.

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What is an IP address?

First of all, know what is the Full Form of IP. Internet Protocol is called IP in the shortcode. This is the address of your network hardware. Basically, this is the address by which your network is verified or it is identified. With the help of this address, your computer shares files with other computers or can say that it communicates.

The IP address is in every device that is connected to the Internet. And the IP address is present in every device and it is unique among all. That is, the IP address of each device is different. IP address is an address of those Internet connections to whatever computer is connected to Internet Protocol or using the Internet.

There are two formats of IP, IPv4, and IPv6. And it has four types

  1. Private IP Address
  2. Public IP Address
  3. Static IP Address
  4. Dynamic IP Address

What is an IP address used for?

Like I told you earlier that IP is the unique address of the network used in any device. With this, the network of the computer or any device in which the Internet is used is identified. In simple terms, a network connection identifies another network connection with its help.

Now you type the address of any website like www.google.com and the website opens. But the address it contains does not recognize the computer. The computer network first extracts its address from the DNS server and then takes you to that website. So DNS is used to identify the website, similarly, IP is used to identify a user on a network.


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