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About Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority checker - Smart businesses keep track of the authority of their websites and their competitor websites as well. They use this information to play their SEO cards and get higher search engine rankings than their competition. Knowing your own domain authority and competition’s domain authority lets you plan ahead so you can improve your own domain authority and get ahead.


Domain authority checker - That is why we are introducing the Domain authority checker tool to the masses. This tool, just like all our other tools is free of cost. You will never be charged for using our tools. Domain authority checker is also very simple and reliable just like our other tools.


Domain authority checker - One nifty feature our domain authority checker has which others don’t is that our tool can check DA (Domain authority) of multiple websites at once. You can input up to 10 websites into the input field of the Domain authority checker and you will see the status of all these websites presented to you in a list.