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Backlink checker - Search engine optimization for your webpage content is very important. If your webpage is not optimized correctly, it will not be indexed properly by the search engines. When your webpage doesn’t get indexed properly, it will never get enough traffic to keep your business on its feet.


Backlink checker - That’s why you must pay close attention to both, on-page and off-page optimization of your webpage. As off-page optimization primarily depends on backlinks, it is a great idea to track the backlinks performance of your webpage. It means you must check to see how many websites contain a backlink for your webpage. More backlinks equal more traffic for you.


Backlink checker - There are many tools available online which can check backlinks for your webpage but all of these tools are paid or not reliable. We propose a very simple and fast solution for you as we have a 100% free-to-use backlink checker tool for you.


Backlink checker - The backlink checker tool is very, very simple to use and charges you no fee for checking backlinks. To use the backlink checker tool, simply input your domain address into the input section of the backlink checker. Then this tool checks the internet for all the backlinks available to your webpage and displays the total number of backlinks. It also displays the overall SEO health of your webpage by displaying a health bar.