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Page authority checker - Wondering how page authority is different from domain authority? Well, we are here to explain. Domain authority is associated with the overall authority of your domain, or your website as a whole. On the other hand, page authority is the authority of one individual webpage of your website. Unity is strength, that’s why SEO experts focus a lot on individual page authority of each page separately to improve their overall SEO results.


Page authority checker - Our page authority checker tool does that just. It works as a virtual assistant to find out page authority of all the links you provide. This tool is very and reliable to use, just like all our other tools. You can fully rely on the Page authority tool for your needs.


Page authority checker - Our tool has an edge over all the competition because we have added a handy feature in it. You can check page authority of up to 20 pages in one single session! Pretty neat, right? Enter links of up to 20 pages in the input field of the Page authority checker tool and press the button. Status of page authority of each page you entered will be presented to you in a list.