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If you are looking for an efficient tool to track your pages, then a Pagespeed Insights Checker is your answer. This tool not only tracks the traffic you get but also the actions that your visitors take after they have viewed your website. You can easily check how many visits your site has in a day, how many clicks it receives on each of its pages and how many of those clicks resulted in a sales transaction. All this information will be valuable to you if you want to improve your sales.

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In order to use the tool, you need to have an existing website or blog, and a paid account with a search engine optimization company. First, download the free demo version of the software. Go to its web site and then click the "Download" button to start the download. Once the installation is complete, install the software on your computer. After you have done that, you can log in to your account. Fill in the necessary information to get started with the service.

The first page displays the system settings which you can change to suit your preferences. If you want to use the tool to track your traffic and your site's performance, go to the "Metrics" tab. In this tab, you can put in all the details you want to have tracked. It will only take a few seconds to register the details you need, and after that, the service will be in your hands. You can use the Checker to know exactly what you have to do to increase the overall performance of your site. You can set specific keywords and make your pages work more efficiently, and the Checker will show you where you need to put your attention. Don't forget to set your page's font size and visibility level so that users won't have a hard time finding your content.