Friends, today I will tell you how you can get your blog website ranked on Google, if you do not adopt these tips then you will not adopt anything and traffic will not come to your website. Because of which you will have to worry.

So friends, let’s start: –

Post Index Faster Way Tips Showing Below Step by Step-

1.Must add your site Google search console (Top 16 Tips to Post Indexed Quickly Step by Step in 2020)

Note- When you add, then give the code that you are asking to give on the website, or paste it into the DNS record of the domain. Because when you change the theme, that code goes away and the website is not connected properly due to the lack of input, husband and index results are not shown.

Register your blog website in Google webmaster tools (Top 16 Tips to Post Indexed Quickly Step by Step in 2020)

If you are going to run a blog or website, then it is very important for you to know that it is easy to become a website but it is very easy to bring traffic to it, so setting it up is very important for us.

That is why we have to first register your website in google webmaster tools so that if you write any post, then you start ranking the first page of google. Click here to go to Google webmaster tools direct.

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Register your blog website in yahoo & bing webmaster tools

If you want to bring traffic outside India to your website, then you have to write all the articles in English and at the same time, you will have to add it to the webmaster tools of yahoo and bing, so that your website will be ranked in yahoo & bing webmaster tools, from which because You will get good traffic. Click here to go direct to yahoo & bing webmaster tools.

2.Register your blog or website in the US listing directory

You people will not know that bringing us from UK and US traffic, because the UK and its CPC is the highest and your Earning will be much higher from here too. To avail of such benefits, you will have to submit your website in the US Listing Directory, which will give you traffic everywhere and your income will also be good. Click here to go to the US Listing Directory.

3. Make Backlinks

If you want to rank Friends Blog or Website the fastest, then creating backlinks is very important. If you do not create backlinks for the website, then your website or blog will not fast.

It will be very easy to make backlinks for the website, in the Bale Time, we will tell you about it in details. But if you do not know how Backlink is or which website makes Backlink.

So please do notification of our website, because very soon a detailed article is coming on it, in which we are going to give you 25 thousand High DA PA Website List Free.

4. Make Keyword Plan

Friends have the most important role by ranking friends blog or website. First of all, it is very important to know what is a Keyword. Friends, Keyword is a word whose traffic arrives on your website.

This is a unique word that we use to write an article, it helps any search engine to know what your article is about, it is very important to plan the keyword with this ring, the keyword’s plan is you You can do it with Google Keyword Planner or any Paid Tools.

5. On-page SEO

To rank any article, it is very important to do its On-Page SEO and Stuffing of proper keyword is also very important, it is the main part of On-Page SEO so that your website can be Post Index quite easily, so On-Page SEO is very important without it your website cannot be ranked.

6. Lable give the correct

Friends, you must give the LABLE in whatever article you write and if you do not give the correct LABLE, then you may get in trouble. Giving LABLE means that whatever menu you have given in your website should go to your ARTICLE same MENU.

7. Use Permalink Correctly

Friends, if you want to rank our blog website at the top of google then use permalink as it is an important part of SEO, PERMALINK always keeps CUSTOM so that all your post index will fast.


Friends, it is as important to give a search description in the website as the permalink is necessary, so the description has to be made so that whenever any user searches, then if your article also comes in the search result, then read the description of your article Direct Click Do it. I mean to say that Description should be Attractive.


Friends, always make the CUSTOM ROBOTS Tag UNCHECKED the OPTION containing DIFFICULT so that Post Index will hurry. Do not set the robots.txt properly on the website, if you do not know how to do all this, then do nothing to the robots.txt because you may have to suffer huge losses due to this, so you have to use Automatically generated Robots.txt only. .

10.Write Unique Article 

Always try to write a unique article that is not already available in Google, this will mean that every post index will be quick and you will get a lot of traffic.

11. Go to the setting of WordPress and read it on the Option of Reading, to see if there is no Tik on Option of No Index if it is unticked.

12. Go to Setting of SEO Plugin and check whether Noindex is tagged or not, if ticking and save the index otherwise your website will disappear from the search result.

13. Create a Sitemap, it should be uploaded in Google Search Console and should be checked and updated from time to time.

14. If it is not indexed automatically, then going to the Search Console, you will have to manually submit the URL through the Option inspection. Submitting Mostly Manually posts makes the post index quicker and if it does not happen then you will have to wait.

15. Use such an image inside the post to make the user understand what you want to tell the users. In this case, your post index will be quick.

16. If your website is new, it may take a little time for your website to be indexed because Google does not trust the new website so quickly, due to this it may take time to get indexed. As soon as Google starts understanding your website, then your website and post-index will be started, so in the beginning, you just work hard and leave worrying about money.

At the time when I am writing this post, at that time everyone is facing a problem that everyone’s post is disappearing from Google, so there is nothing to worry about, everyone is having this problem, it will be fixed very soon.

The Conclusion

Friends, if you like the article, then comment and you will definitely get to know in the comment that in the next post.


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