WP – Rocket Latest Premium v.3.9.4 [GPL] Free Download

WP – Rocket Latest Premium v.3.9.4 [GPL] Free Download


WP Rocket Premium Plugin Free Download

Welcome Everybody in this Article of How you can download WP Rocket Premium Plugin [Latest GPL Version] for free. The Plugin that I have provided for all of you is not nulled. WP Rocket is a high-rated cache cleaner plugin that helps you speed up your website and delete all the cache data that are stored in your website.


WP Rocket is beyond your thinking and also it has convinced millions of people in boosting their websites. But yeah, WP Rocket is not just a simple cache cleaner plugin. It has too many cool features and characteristics that are not available in a regular cache cleaner plugin. It provides a lot of customization settings, database settings, media optimization settings, and so on. It even works with several other plugins such as Yoast SEO and Cloudflare Plugins.

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Free Download

WP – Rocket Latest Premium v.3.9.4 [GPL] Free Download


How to download WP Rocket Premium Plugin Free Download?

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Free Download

Now, Let’s see what are the cool features of WP Rocket:

  • Works easily with CDN.
  • Easy to configure and use it.
  • WP Rocket is User Friendly and is easy to use for everyone.
  • WP Rocket is also compatible with File Optimization.
  • Gives a Force Clear Cache Option.
  • Google Fonts are optimized.
  • Supports Browser Caching.
  • Enhances your website’s loading time.
  • Also has integration with Cloudflare.
  • Supports File Compression
  • Optimizes and reduces the size of your Database.
  • Allows you to get more than 90% score in Google Page Speed Insights.
  • Fixes some bugs and enhances your performance.
  • Works with All Websites.
  • User-Friendly Settings.
  • Get a Custom Cache Life Span.
  • Preloading Pages.
  • Get permission to remove query strings.
  • Get a Different Cache from Android Device.
  • Fixed Some Bugs and Increases Enhancement
  • Prevents unnecessary pop-ups while using Xtra Theme.
  • It has been renamed from “Combine Google Fonts” to “Optimize Google Fonts”
  • Added an automatically pre-connect request.


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Learn More about WP Rocket:

  1. Get Immediate Results with Minimal Configuration.

Use WP Rocket and don’t use other simple and convex plugins. This will be a waste of time.


  1. Web – Page Caching

Caching in your website makes your website load in an ultra-speed score which is also essential for you in improving your score in Search Engine Optimization. Web – Page Caching is inactivated immediately once you install WP Rocket on your website.


  1. Compression of Static Files

WP Rocket helps you reduce the weight of your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files by compressing them, which means less weight = fast load time.


  1. Get your favorite images on your request.

Images are only visible on your website when the visitor scrolls down the web page. Many platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo are using this method. This method helps you in improving your website loading time.


  1. WP Rocket is Developer Friendly.

WP Rocket has been developed using the best WordPress practices. It is clean and user-friendly which helps developers in making more advanced customizations.


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What is New in WP Rocket v3.9.4?

  1. Force use Google Fonts instead of using CSS Fonts to make your website attractive.
  2. Enhanced Integration with WP Rocket CLI.
  3. Fixed some other minor bugs.
  4. Major Error “Path Cannot Be Empty” has been fixed.
  5. Helps you in preventing PHP Message with elements that do not have any source element.



WP Rocket Premium Version Free Download Details:
File Name: WP Rocket
Latest Version: v.3.9.4
File Type: 100% GPL


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]:


1. Define WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is a high-rated cache cleaner plugin that helps you speed up your website and delete all the cache data that are stored in your website.


3. How is WP Rocket Better than other Cache Cleaner Plugins?

WP Rocket uses all the latest features such as lazy loading of images, compression of HTML and CSS weight in your website and lastly it improves the speed of your website.

WP Rocket is very much simple to use and it is too User Friendly.


3. Which payment methods does WP Rocket accept?

WP Rocket uses Stripe as well as PayPal’s most secure payment methods which allow you to accept all kinds of payment methods like credit cards, net banking, PhonePe, PayPal, and so on.


4. WP Rocket is compatible with Cloudflare or Not?

Yes, WP Rocket is fully compatible with Cloudflare, so that you can manage several settings as well as you will be also able to clear Cloudflare Cache from WP Rocket.


5. What are the different types of Cache that are being supported by WordPress?

WP Rocket supports two types of cache:

  • The Server Cache: WP Rocket avoids any type of PHP Processing by creating a Static HTML Page.
  • The Browser Cache: It adds new guidelines so that your browser caches your website static resources such as images, JavaScript, and several CSS Files


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